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August 6th 2015

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BALANCE BENNY is this Summer's most silliest, most infuriatingly-est, rage-inducing super fun hilarious skill game! The world's first infinite balancer - BALANCE BENNY on the unpredictable rolling balance board for as long as you can! Bail for amazing wipe outs, terrifying tumbles, and jaw-dropping body slams!


Balance Benny has been created by the sickos at 6 Idiots Games - aa bunch of guys and girls with apparently nothing better to do than create games to drive you insane.


  • CRAZY ASS rolling balance board action!
  • Faceplants! Nut shots! Comedy violence!
  • Beautiful island location to fall to your death from!
  • Infuriatingly replayability!
  • No sharks!
  • Hoverboarding dinosarus!
  • Selfies!
  • Awesome surf references and graphics because surfing is COOL and if you play this your friends will think you’re cool too!
  • Try not to die... die a lot!
  • Seriously, NO sharks!


"Balance Benny" launch trailer YouTube

People falling on Indo Boards IRL 01 YouTube

People falling on Indo Boards IRL 02 YouTube



There are currently no logos or icons available for Balance Benny!. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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  • ""Fuck this stupid fucking game""
    - Joelimus, Balance Benny,
  • ""I hate you guys""
    - Timsmom, Balance Benny,
    - kickalot, Balance Benny,
  • ""Really? REALlY???!""
    - Corvusconix, Balance Benny,

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Yes yes y'all! Welcome to the Chroma Studios Presskit! This page is about the studio - you can find information on our awesome games - "Balance Benny", "TWIST3D" and "e: Click, Click, BOOM!" - under PROJECTS. Feel free to contact us if you want any more information, or just to say hi. We're friendly like that :)

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Balance Benny! Credits

Tim Shepherd
Art n design, chief Idiot, most broken bones

Sebastian Warnez
Programming, nicest haircut, tallest

Victor Apihtin
Programming, most sensible, smartest

David Filskov
Audio and sound design, pure, undiluted rock n roll

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