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Feb 26th 2015

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ARE YOU TWIST3D?? TWIST3D is an addictive puzzle game about making matches in 3D! Climb the leaderboard by spinning the cube, making matches and solving puzzles. MATCH: Tap to destroy matches of 3. SPIN: Spin the 3D cube to look for matches. SOLVE PUZZLES: Make matches to smash the glass and solve puzzles. Sounds easy enough, right?


TWIST3D is produced by Chroma Studios, an indie game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. TWIST3D began life as a colorful boom-tastic prototype for an earlier Chroma title, called "e: Click, Click, BOOM!" - an exciting casual puzzler centered around characters who live inside the Internet. The game received great reviews but the team felt that something wasn't quite working. We loved the gameplay AND the characters, but felt there wasn't enough synergy between the two elements to be as engaging as possible. We went back to the original prototype and began developing a feature set for a minimalist, stylish puzzler inspired by pixel art games and minimalist aesthetics like "Dots", "Fez" and "Fists of Awesome" - 'back to basics', if you like! The end results is "TWIST3D" - our second attempt at showcasing our awesome 'match-3-in-3D' game mechanic. We think you'll agree, it's pretty awesome (why didn't anyone tell us this a year ago!? :) WATCH A MINICLIP: Vine preview at The Big Indie Pitch, London: https://vine.co/v/ODHUiVKE17B


  • Addictive and refreshing match-making experience
  • Enjoy the gorgeous and minimalistic art style and audio
  • Unlock powerful boosters for strategic decision making!
  • Challenge your Facebook friends to beat your best score
  • 90 brand new levels to delight all players
  • Tournament mode for the competitive!
  • Many more prizes to be found in Mystery Boxes
  • Beautiful animations and friendly hints to help you on your way!
  • Share completely unique snapshots of your achievements with friends
  • Language support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch
  • Apple Watch support in development. Please contact us for more info!


"TWIST3D" launch trailer YouTube


TWIST3D (0).png
TWIST3D (1).png
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TWIST3D (5).png


Selected Articles

  • ""Really good fun. Quick to learn. Hard to master. Definitely give it a go!"
    - Unamithil,
  • ""Nice little game super fun to compete against your friends to see who can solve the most puzzles and get your name on the leaderboard! Love the 3d feature!""
    - Missy kick-a-lot,
  • ""Super fun and challenging little puzzle game. Impossible to put down once you get started""
    - Fox787878,
  • ""Simple yet challenging! Quick to learn and fun to play. Moving up the leader board!!""
    - Victroiarama,

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Mini demo at The Big Indie Pitch, London 2015 vine.co.

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Yes yes y'all! Welcome to the Chroma Studios Presskit! This page is about the studio - you can find information on our awesome games - "Balance Benny", "TWIST3D" and "e: Click, Click, BOOM!" - under PROJECTS. Feel free to contact us if you want any more information, or just to say hi. We're friendly like that :)

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TWIST3D Credits

Tim Shepherd
Creative Director

Victor Apihtin

Sebastian Warnez

Ida Dirksen
UI/UX Artist

Morten Mygind

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