Chroma Studios
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Sept 2014 (CA, DK, NZ, UK); October 2014 Worldwide

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The Internet doesn’t just work, y’know.I mean, how could it? To think that each time to visit a website or check your FaceSpace account everything just appears automagically?? You dummy. Of course it doesn’t. The magic of the Internet – those millions and trillions bits of data and bytes of info, zooming around fiber optics and high speed streams – only works because of a very well-kept secret... The Netizens are a species of energy-based elements who patrol the Internet solving puzzles to keep precious BOOM out the hands of the dastardly Virus and his legions of bugs, trolls and worms. If Virus gets his hands on enough BOOM to fuel his BOOM cannon he plans to blow through the Back Door to the Internet and wreak havoc In Real Life! Players guide our hero "E" and his friends Nya, Kai, and Big Wild on an exciting adventure through the World Wide Web. Use the team's powers to solve match-3 puzzles and challenges on a unique 3D cube game board. Explore fantastic IP-addresses as you progress along the map - relax in the serene fluffy surroundings of The Cloud, and mine for data in Silicon Valley. Our journey begins, of course, on Router 66 :)


e: Click, Click, BOOM! is produced by Chroma Studios, an indie game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game started as a hobby project for Tim - Chroma's founder - after being inspired by Fez's 2D/3D mechanic and his affintiy for innovative puzzlers. Combined with an unhealthy interest in online culture and internet humor, the team shaped a entire universe of creatures and stories to finally answer the question: 'why is the Internet being weird??' 12 developers, 5 redesigns, 3 countries, and 2 years later, E is finally ready to welcome you into his world! Click, Click, BOOM! is E's first adventure exploring the Internet, but Chroma has many other exciting projects in development including more games, animated shows, and much more!


  • Journey through the Internet and visit ALL the corners of the World Wide Web
  • One-of-a-kind "match-3 in 3D" puzzle mechanics. Much innovation!
  • Collect and upgrade the Netizens to boost their powers
  • Addictive and refreshing casual puzzle gameplay
  • Defeat Interent baddies such as bugs, viruses, worms and trolls tryna mess up your day
  • Exciting skill-based challenges mixed up with quick-thinking puzzles
  • WOB-WOB! Incredible dubstep soundtrack and spectacular bonus modes and effects!
  • Hidden Easter Eggs and jokes for teh LULZ.
  • Join the Facebook discussion to discover the meaning of the mysterious codes littered through the world
  • Over 100 puzzles and a range of game modes - more islands soon!
  • Such features! Much enticing! Wow!


"e: Click, Click, BOOM!" launch trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist in SkyMobi's "5 million Downloads - Guaranteed!" competition." Shanghai, 2014

Selected Articles

  • ""This is a surprise! Great game with a brand new concept, I think - a 3D cube you have to spin to match 3, gain points and power, and win levels. Characters are cute and a nice little story line to go with them. Lower levels are dead simple but it gets intriguingly more complex and fast-paced as you play it.""
    - Cerebrax, a fan,
  • ""Brilliant new game - addictive with great gameplay and graphics. My new Candy Crush""
    - Pippacat1981,
  • ""Awesome funny new game! Like candy crush or diamond dash but on a cube I can spin :) action packed matching fun, super easy to get in to after a couple of levels. Love the humor and internet references - I just beat the first internet troll! Double rainbows!!! Can't wait for new features all up in MAH FACE :) \o/""
    - SchmiddyRizza,
  • ""Fast, smooth and with some crazy tunes, great game guys, looking forward to see the future.""
    - rvlt_tv,

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About Chroma Studios

Yes yes y'all! Welcome to the Chroma Studios Presskit! This page is about the studio - you can find information on our awesome games - "Balance Benny", "TWIST3D" and "e: Click, Click, BOOM!" - under PROJECTS. Feel free to contact us if you want any more information, or just to say hi. We're friendly like that :)

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e: Click, Click, BOOM! Credits

Tim Shepherd
Creative Director, founder

Nils Munch

Victor Apihtin

Ida Dirksen
UI/UX Artist

Morten Mygind
Audio and sound design

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